Elevate your image.

Captivate your audience

with Fusion92's patented Hologon.

We’re always looking for new, innovative ways to deliver engaging experiences for audiences. That’s why we developed the Hologon. It lets consumers experience holographic videos using only a mobile device or tablet in a patent pending self-assembling form factor.

See an example for yourself below.

How The Hologon Works:

First, open the mailer and the Hologon viewer will self assemble.
Next, visit the custom URL on your mobile device or tablet.
Place the Hologon viewer on your device, and a three-dimensional hologram comes to life before your eyes.

Imagine the possibilities.

No Assembly Required

With the patent pending design, the viewer will self-assemble when removed from the sleeve or mailer.

Device Agnostic

Supports iOS and Android mobile devices as well as any tablet device.

No App Required

The custom video can be delivered in any browser, eliminating the need for a custom application.

Unlimited Video Length

With no limitation on content length, you can engage your audience with as little or much content as desired.

Remotely Managed

Create and deliver evergreen content that can be updated anytime.

Simple Design

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